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Commercial land banking solutions are as relevant as ever, even in the times of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Land Banking is one of the oldest and most reliable financial practices. Many prominent figures and companies have built generations worth of wealth with the help of land banking solutions.

The land is considered to have unlimited potential and lifespan. Whether you are a rookie investor looking for growth or a developer planning to build a future project, anybody can engage in a land bank strategy. 

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Land Banking

Land Banking is the purchase and holding of real estate assets in locations expected to grow rapidly as a part of an investment mix or business holdings. Property developers and real estate investors often purchase and hold on to blocks or parcels of land for future rezoning or development purposes. 

Commercial land loans are sought for properties with excellent appreciation potential located on the outskirts of cities and metropolitan areas.

What Risks are Involved With Land Banking?

Like all other investments, even land banking strategies have a few risks you should consider. 

  • Re-Zoning Risk
  • Development Application Risk
  • Capital Growth Risk
  • Investment Time Frame Risk
  • Natural Disaster Risk
  • Personal/Company Liquidity Risk
  • Market Risk

Why Work With Lend & Co Private?

Land banking procedures are, at times, so complicated that they drive investors away. In addition, developers and investors always have their eyes on the DA-approved sites on sale. Hence, if you wish to settle your deal on the plot of land, you have been scouting for months; we can help you approve your land bank loan in no time.

At Lend & Co Private, we understand that time is of the essence. With the help of our experienced staff and massive network of private lending institutions, we work towards bringing you the best deal in the market at competitive rates.

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  • Personalised Financial Solutions
  • No Financial Jargon, No More Confusion
  • 100% Transparent Operations
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  • Access to a Wide Network of Lenders

Lend & Co Private is here to guide you through your perils when banks have shut their doors on your dreams.

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