Work Towards Freedom With Commercial Debt Restructuring Solutions

Commercial debt restructuring solutions are the saviours of businesses facing insolvency issues and corporate debt. If you wish to end the fiscal nightmares, it’s about time you sought professional help for commercial debt restructuring.

Lend & Co Private specialises in helping businesses get back on their feet with the help of property equity accrued over the years. With our executives working around the clock, we can find a way through your insolvency issues.

Reclaim your freedom with commercial debt restructuring solutions from Lend & Co Private.

What is Commercial Debt Restructuring?

Commercial Debt Restructuring is when a company tackles financial issues by refinancing commercial debt for better terms or replacing debt products with more appropriate ones. It’s usually done to get a commercial borrower out of a pinch. Still, it can also be done to raise capital for a business by repurposing property equity or rebuilding a business owner’s balance sheet.

Lend & Co Private specialises in debt restructuring strategies, where we work with your team to make the most of your property equity. Our experts thoroughly analyse your debt obligations and determine if we can amalgamate the different property equity positions under a single umbrella or lender.

This facilitates the reduction of the complexity and cost of servicing multiple debt obligations while also enhancing the business’s cash flow and liquidity.

Commercial debt restructuring is performed to boost the profitability and productivity of businesses and save them from a debt-ridden downfall. It’s become the go-to solution for businesses that are facing financial difficulties and struggling to keep up with the competition.

What are the Benefits of Commercial Debt Restructuring?

Here are some of the benefits that you can capitalise on with the help of commercial debt restructuring.

  • Lower Interest Rates–You can capitalise on the difference in the interest rate and save substantial capital.
  • Lower Cash Flow Commitments–You can reduce your cash flow commitments by extending your loan term or requesting interest-only repayments.
  • Replace Lender–Upon poor service or breakdown of a relationship, you can replace your lender with a lending organisation offering better features and services.
  • Leverage Property Equity–As the property value appreciates, you can use the property equity and leverage it for better deals or financing other projects.
  • Release your securities or unwind cross-collateralisation.
  • Recapitalise business for future growth
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Benefits of
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Commercial Debt Restructuring
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Warning Signs for
Your Company

What are the Warning Signs That Your Company Might Need Debt Restructuring?

A company is considered insolvent when it’s unable to resolve its debts and make payments on time. Before a company becomes insolvent, there are quite a few warning signs.

Although large unpaid tax debt remains one of the most prominent warning signs, here are a few other signs you should look out for:

  • Cash Flow Problems
  • Ongoing Losses
  • Overdue Tax Lodgements
  • Difficulty Gaining Access to New Credit
  • Significant Drop in Revenue
  • Losing Your Competitive Edge
  • Exponentially Rising Runaway Expenses
  • Declining Sales
  • Increasing Dependency on Debt
  • Diminishing Customer Base

Come to Lend & Co Private for Help With Debt Restructuring

At Lend & Co Private, we understand that seeking outside help for your business can be difficult, even more so when the debts start piling up. As challenging as it may be, you need to understand how important it is to comply with all the rules and regulations when you are performing business or debt restructuring.

Your methods could lead to a disaster if you don’t have professionals ensuring your compliance with commercial practises and that the agreements and terms don’t breach the Corporations Act. Moreover, this is an area outside the expertise of most directors and business owners.

Working with us, you can:

  • Reduce Your Debts
  • Identify and Steer Clear of Predatory Lending Practices
  • Get Out of Debt Within a Few Years
  • Create Affordable Weekly or Fortnightly Repayments
  • Work With Experts in the Industry
  • Avoid Breaching the Corporations Act
  • Make Educated Decisions
  • Save Your Business

Book an appointment with our experts at Lend & Co Private to take control of your business and rise through your debts like a phoenix.