Develop Projects Faster with Private Construction Finance Loans

Commercial development projects generate no profit until the completion and occupation of the project. Whether it’s a project consisting of multi-residential units or building a commercial complex, you can do it all and eliminate the stress while at it with commercial construction finance loans in Australia.

When it comes to building large-scale development projects, it’s always better to go with construction loans, as they are more flexible and well-suited than traditional mortgages. Don’t waste time figuring out which construction loan will suit your needs.Seek help from the experts at Lend & Co Private to start working on the blueprints of your dream projects in Australia with construction finance loans today.

What is a Construction Loan?

A commercial construction loan is a specially designed financial tool that covers the costs of building development projects from the ground up or renovations. Construction loans can cover various expenses associated with the development of a project, including:

    • Paying for the Design, Engineering and Architectural Services
    • Hiring Contractors, Subcontractors and Suppliers
    • Procuring Materials, Equipment and Machinery
    • Obtaining Permits, Licences and Insurance
    • Paying for the Workforce, Taxes and Fees
    • Managing Contingencies and Unforeseen Costs


It can also be used as a line of credit to tap into the funds as and when required for construction activities.

Moreover, when it comes to construction loans, the funds are released upon the completion of different project stages. As the project progresses, the lender usually requires an investigator to confirm each milestone before releasing the next portion of the loan.

How Lend & Co Private Assists in Acquiring Commercial Construction Loans?

At Lend & Co Private, we help you acquire your commercial construction loans without the hassle. Unlike traditional loans, construction projects take much more time and are riskier by nature. 

Our team takes care of everything for you, from the initial consultation, where we gain a deeper understanding of your goals and financial requirements, to finding the appropriate lenders and submitting the loan application, to settlement and post-settlement maintenance, Lend & Co Private is with you all the way.

1. Initial Consultation

A. Goal Identification
B. Expectation Benchmarking
C. ID Verification
D. Document Request

2. Internal Due Diligence

A. Assessment and Verification
B. Security Risk Analysis
C. Deal Brainstorming

3. Mandate and Offer Letter Issued

A. Lenders Comparison
B. Expectation Benchmarking
C. Mandate Issued
D. Offer Letter Issued

4. Lender Finalised

A. Valuation Ordered
B. Conditions Satisfied
C. Lawyer Instructed

5. Loan Contracts

A. Loan Contracts Completed
B. Settlement Items Fulfilled

6. Settlement

A. Contracts Verified
B. Electronic settlement booked.

7. Post-Settlement Maintenance

A. Loan Review
B. Loan Restructure if Required

Why Come to Lend & Co Private?

When you are out looking for the best deals on construction finance solutions for builders, there are so many questions that you need to ask. Like,

  • What are the types of Construction loans?
  • What are the interest rates available?
  • How much flexibility can the lender offer?
  • How will the funds be paid out, as a percentage of the completion or on a set schedule?

If you are having difficulties finding answers to all these questions, it’s about time you consulted the financial experts at Lend & Co Private, we offer:

  • Personalised solutions
  • Detailed explanation of all construction loan options
  • Access to a vast network of private lending institutions
  • Quick, straightforward financial solutions
  • 100% transparent operation
  • Simplification of all financial jargon to eliminate all confusion

Seal the deal on the construction loan and take the first step towards building your dream projects. At Lend & Co Private, our executives are well-versed in the market norms and the features offered by various lending institutions. 

Why waste time on finalising a commercial construction loan when you can use it to kickstart your construction projects?

Book an appointment with our Lend & Co Private team to lay the foundation for your dream projects.