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Conducting business without commercial funding is more challenging than ever in the current dynamic economic climate. Furthermore, despite being the go-to commercial loan providers for decades, banks make it nearly impossible to acquire a quick loan due to their strict requirements and regulations.

And that has led to a rise in the demand for private funding solutions. Here’s a list of private commercial solutions we offer that might help you raise funds for your dream project:

Short Term Loan

Mezzanine finance combines elements of debt and equity financing. It provides property developers with quick funding to bridge the gap between a senior loan and equity. The gap emerges from the capped Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) on traditional financing options.
Property developers usually take the help of mezzanine financing when they cannot raise enough capital to complete the project through traditional options such as banks because their project’s perceived risk is high.

Residual Stock Finance

The property development and construction sector is highly dependent on the market. When the market is slower or sales are taking longer to achieve, property developers usually prefer to hold their pipeline back because all the Equity & Profits get unlocked from the sales of the last lots or units.
But, as is the case with most property development and construction projects, they carry a significant portion of construction debt funding, which must be repaid on completion. This is where residual stock finance can help property developers secure the construct debt funding.

Land Banking

Commercial land banking solutions are as relevant as ever, even in the times of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Land Banking is one of the oldest and most reliable financial practices. Many prominent figures and companies have built generations worth of wealth with the help of land banking solutions.
The land is considered to have unlimited potential and lifespan. Whether you are a rookie investor looking for growth or a developer planning to build a future project, anybody can engage in a land bank strategy. 
Consult the Lend & Co Private experts for assistance on land banking finance solutions

Development Finance

First off, let’s understand what development finance means and its most common uses. Development finance is a broad term that covers mortgages, mezzanine finance, term loans, and so much more. Development finance refers to the loans or financial solutions used to support the costs attached to residential or commercial development projects.
These loans are used to buy land, finance construction, and cover other costs attached to real estate development projects. Development finance is your best bet if you want to revamp some old properties or build an entirely new site and are looking for funding solutions.

Construction Finance

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Debt Restructring

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About Us

Commercial Private Lender

Whom does one turn to when the banks shut down their dreams? Private Lending Solutions are your best bet when the banks are raining down on your parades. With banks out of the picture, private lenders and hedge funds can help you acquire the financial solutions you need.

When banks can’t fund your business and fuel your dreams, Lend & Co Private comes into the picture. Specialising in private lending solutions, we have access to multiple private lenders and hedge funds. Hence, our team can help you find the perfect commercial loan or mortgage to run your business.

Initial consultation

  • Goal Identification
  • Expectation Benchmarking
  • Id Verification
  • Document Request

Internal due diligence

  • Assessment and Verification
  • Security Risk Analysis
  • Deal Brainstorming

Mandate and offer letter issued

  • Lenders Comparison
  • Mandate Issued
  • Offer Letter Issued

Lender finalised

  • Valuation ordered
  • Conditions Satisfied
  • Lawyer Instructed

Loan Contracts issued

  • Loan Contracts Completed
  • Settlement Items Fulfilled


  • Contracts Verified
  • Electronic settlement booked

Post Settlement Maintenance

  • Loan Review
  • Loan Restructure if Required

Why Choose Lend & Co Private?

At Lend & Co Private, we understand that financial solutions form the foundation for the dreams of countless projects. Without the right development finance or construction finance deal backing up your business, situations can take a turn for the worst in no time.

With years of experience in the lending industry, we bring you the greatest chance of finding a lender most suited to your financial needs. Our core business is to help our clients looking for commercial funding solutions that fall outside the traditional lending guidelines.

If you are also tired of getting turned down by banking institutions all over Australia, you have finally ended up in the right place.

Read on to find out how Lend & Co Private can help you.


We specialise in private lending solutions and offer our clients a swift borrowing experience. When banks close their doors to your dreams, we open a window of opportunity to bring you closer to your goals.


All businesses, their finances, and their requirements differ. Hence, we work with you individually to find the most suitable finance solution that’s best suited for you.


With Lend & Co. Private, you gain access to over 20 non-bank private lenders and managed funds. Tapping into our extensive network, we ensure that we can achieve optimum results regardless of the transaction's size.


Our team at Lend & Co. Private is fully equipped to handle transactions all kinds of transactions, ranging from 2 million to 100 million.

Our Testimonials

Anita Kazarian

I strongly recommend this service. We been closely working with Himanshu for long time and his service always brought out the best outcome in professional manner. Himanshu always been finding best solution for the situation and communicate throughly and aimed higher to active the outcome best suit the finacial situation. We value and appreciate him and his team working hard to get the best outcome for our financial situations and looking forward for further assistance in future.
Big thank you

Amy Adams

We’ve worked with the majority of the Global 500, thousands of major regional and local organizations

Amy Adams

We’ve worked with the majority of the Global 500, thousands of major regional and local organizations

Amy Adams

We’ve worked with the majority of the Global 500, thousands of major regional and local organizations